“Eclipse has proven over the years they can deliver what they communicate.”


Read what some of our clients are saying about their experience working with Eclipse Capital. If you have additional questions, please visit our contact page.

From bankers:

“Eclipse Capital has been a tremendous resource. As an asset based lender, my product does not fit all needs and I hate to say ‘No’ without providing options. I can refer clients I cannot finance to Eclipse and be sure they will be handled professionally. Eclipse has found financing for several of my clients when I was quite sure financing was not going to be available.”

“I have worked with Eclipse Capital for over ten years.  Eclipse has proven over the years they can deliver on what they communicate.  I know when I make a referral to Eclipse, it will be handled with professionalism, sensitivity and urgency. I consider them one of my greatest tools in managing my banking relationships!”

“I thought of Eclipse since I know you have a long list of people who will analyze this transaction.  I think of Eclipse as more than just people who can get me out of deals.   I know you will enjoy working with my client, and since this client is close to me and my family, you know I must think very highly of you to refer this opportunity!”

Comments from clients:

“I honestly believe that we would not be in business today if it weren't for Eclipse. We love you! You can go to the bank with that one.”

“Our company could not have reached this moment without you. For that matter, I believe that we would not be here right now without your support and help. Working with you has been a blessing for which I am mightily grateful.”

“The industry and location we are in has made things extremely difficult for a very long time.  That being said, the will and dedication of the people in our company, combined with the help of Eclipse has kept this great organization of people a viable entity.  We see good things on the horizon, and not just viability. We expect to flourish.”

“Thanks to Eclipse and its superior staff, we received the best financing structure we could have imagined.  It’s a great accomplishment and a load off our minds now that the financial stress has been alleviated. We are confident that we will prosper for years to come.”